Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sculptures I created for various feature animated films

Here are some sculptures I did on my own time when I worked at Disney Feature Animation and Dreamworks Animation.  These are sculpted in Sculpy and airbrushed. I always found it helpful to create a sculpture for Hand drawn animation to help draw on model.

Ursula scupture I created. Absolutely one of my favorite characters I worked on in my career! Ruben Aquino was an awesome supervisor to work for and so kind to give me such great scenes to animate!

A sculpture of Frollo I made early on in the production to help with his difficult design. I feel so lucky to have been an animation supervisor for this character. The sequence "Hellfire" was a dream come true to animate!

"Joanna" from "The Rescuer's Down Under". Really neat character to animate.

Loved doing the lead animation for this little guy! This is the second of 2 sculptures I created of "Frank" the frilled neck lizard for "The Rescuer's down under".

Sculpture of "Chef Louie" I created while working on "The Little Mermaid". Need to finish airbrushing him and reattach his mustache.

Some various sculptures I created while working on Tzekel Khan from "The Road to El Dorado".